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Education Procurement Specialist

Dexis Consulting Group

Closing date: 31 Oct 2017

M/OAA/E3 requires an Education Procurement Specialist to participate in assignments that cross organizational lines and well as areas of specialization within education. The contracted employee will be assigned to the M/OAA/E3/EMD branch and be responsible for work associated with delivering education assistance programs to developing countries. While not responsible for final determination or approval, the contracted employee shall participate in the development of solicitations, review of proposals, analysis of costs and recommendation of conditions in accordance with current regulations and policies. These policies may include but are not limited to Federal and Agency assistance rules, regulations, policies and procedures, including but not limited to OMB Circulars, USAID Automated Directives System (ADS), the USAID Acquisition Regulations (AIDAR), Office of Acquisitions and Assistance Contract Information Bulletins (CIB), Office of Acquisition and Assistance Administrative Memoranda (OPAM), Office of Acquisition and Assistance Procurement Executive Bulletins (PEB), and Acquisition and Assistance Policy Directives (AAPD).

The Contractor placed in this USAID position WILL NOT perform inherently governmental functions, nor supervise any employees, nor make final decisions or sign documents that commit the U.S. Government.

The contractor must be capable of performing the duties below as required:

Provide assistance in the development of solicitations (RFAs and RFPs) and approval memos

As new procurement actions are identified, Bureaus will provide a statement of work (SOW) to M/OAA/E3. The contractor shall review the SOW and develop a solicitation for the procurement that meets the requirements for posting on the government-wide point of entry. The contractor shall assist with development of evaluation criteria or quality ranking factors (QRFs) that will help select the strongest proposal. The contractor shall maintain electronic copies of SOWs and provide them as needed to assist in the development of solicitations for new procurements.


Develop and Publish Requests for Applications and Proposals

Develop and Publish Requests for Applications (RFA) - Under the guidance and approval of the COR the Contractor must assemble and publish Request for Applications. The RFA must specify technical scope of the award, deadline for applications, submission criteria and processes, eligible grant applicant criteria, selection procedures and evaluation criteria. All RF As must be approved before posting by the USAID AO, the AOR, as well as the relevant technical advisor. The contractor shall post solicitations on the government-wide point of entry ( If authorized by the AIDCOR, the contractor shall also advertise the solicitations via other distribution channels.


Develop and Publish Requests for Proposals (RFP)

Under the guidance and approval of the COR and relevant technical advisor, the Contractor must assemble and publish Request for Proposals. The RFP must specify technical scope of the award, deadline for proposals, submission criteria and processes, selection procedures and evaluation criteria. All RFPs must be approved before posting by the USAID CO, the COR, as well as the relevant technical advisor. The contractor shall post solicitations on the government-wide point of entry If authorized by the USAID COR, the contractor shall also advertise the solicitations via other distribution channels.


Respond to Applicant/Offeror Questions

Under the guidance and approval of the AO/CO and AOR/COR, the Contractor must document and respond to all applicant/offeror questions related to the solicitations. The Contractor must create appropriate amendments in response to applicant/offeror questions.

Facilitate the Technical Evaluation Process

Once the RF A/RFP has closed, the Contractor may assist the CO/AO to:

Provide written acknowledgment of receipt within five (5) days.

Screen all applications/proposals for basic eligibility requirements and compliance, in accordance to guidelines provided by USAID.

Compile the applications/proposals and distribute them to the Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) composed of E3 or mission staff.

Brief the technical selection committee on selection committee procedures.

The contracted employee may also serve as TEC coordinator for all RFA/RFPs, having the primary responsibility to ensure that all requisite materials are available for the USAID TEC panelists.


Prepare Award Documents

Once the TEC Memo has been approved by the AO/CO, the contracted employee is responsible for drafting the AO/CO’s decision on the successful applicant/best value determination. After completion of the TEC process, the contracted employee must follow the technical and cost guidelines as per ADS Series 300. The contracted employee will prepare the award documentation by working with the USAID AO/CO, the AOR/COR and the relevant technical advisor to ensure that the appropriate provisions are included and that award requirements are in line with USAID expectations.

Notify Unsuccessful Applicants/Offerors

Upon AO/CO decision, the contracted employee will notify all successful and non-successful applicants / offerors of their application/proposal status. The contracted employee shall facilitate a debriefing to unsuccessful applicants/offerors if requested.

Negotiation and Award

All agreements and procurements will be reviewed, awarded, and obligated by an assigned USAID Agreement/Contracting Officer. Depending on the needs of US AID, the contracted employee may become involved in activities associated with contract/agreement negotiation and award. Potential agreement/contract negotiation and award activities are summarized below.

Prepare and document the agreement/contract in accordance with current USAID regulations, policies and practices, and convey the file to the USAID Agreement/ Contracting Officer for consideration.

Assist in the distribution of copies of the fully executed agreement/contract within five days of completion.

Award Administration

The contractor shall prepare grant, cooperative agreement, contracts and modifications with all required documentation for consideration by the USAID Agreement/Contracting Officer. Depending on the needs of USAID, the contractor may become involved in activities associated with agreement / contract administration. Potential agreement / contract administration activities are summarized below. As requested the contractor shall:

Maintain an agreement/contract file for each award.

Prepare all agreement/contract modifications for review by the AO/CO, including modifications for incremental funding, extensions, budget revisions, and others that may be required.

Track specific information relevant to each agreement/contract and provide that information to the technical office staff as needed and through periodic reports.

Based on the collected information, the contractor shall notify technical office staff of contract actions that are needed. Information to be tracked will include, but will not be limited to:

Availability of funds and required funding actions

Agreement/contract periods and dates of required contract actions

Status of Agency approvals for contract actions

Dates of required performance evaluations

Assist USAID with the preparation of waivers, analysis of subawards and other documentation for final approval by the relevant AO/CO or AOR/COR that is required during award administration.



Master’s degree in international development, public policy and planning, business administration, accounting, finance, contracts, purchasing, economics, public administration, or related field .


Seven years of experience working in the area of acquisition and assistance, ideally some of which overseas.

Experience must include the full range of contracting responsibilities, including: acquisition and assistance award execution, administration, termination, cost and price analysis; procurement planning, and analysis and evaluation of proposals; negotiation of changes; execution of options; investigation and resolution of contractor delays; contractor performance appraisal; subcontractor surveillance; and, disposition of claims.

Experience shall demonstrate knowledge of contracting laws, regulations, policies, and procedures; the ability to lead others; knowledge of cost principles; knowledge of cost plus/award fee and performance based contracting procedures; and, the ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.

Experience that demonstrates pre-award negotiation skills and demonstrated experience in making formal presentations is required.

Knowledge of procurement regulations and contracting principles including the latest acquisition procedures and techniques is required.

An understanding of U.S. Government procurement rules and regulations is imperative.

Knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and the ability to work with the regulatory context of the FAR.

Must be able to work in a highly demanding environment and capable of handling tasks with varying deadlines.

Must have good teamwork and interpersonal skills.

Must be able to communicate complex and difficult policy and programmatic issues in a manner understandable by knowledgeable laypersons without oversimplifying.

Must be able to maintain and adhere to high standards of professional conduct.

Skill to manage and coordinate activities sufficient to contract a variety of actions concurrently is essential.

Versatility in the use of computers, especially Word and EXCEL is a must.

The ability to plan, organize, and manage complex negotiations and a meeting is very important.

Proven ability to train/transfer knowledge regarding USG contracting rules, regulations, procedures, proposal evaluation, contract creation, and monitoring.

Fluency in both spoken and written English is required.

Demonstrated ability to write and edit complex letters, emails, and memoranda.

A sound ability to process information from a wide variety of sources into cohesive, polished documents is highly desirable.


Interested applicants may apply directly to the Education Procurement Specialist position here or visit the Dexis career page to submit a resume and cover letter. No phone calls. All applications must apply no later than COB October 31, 2017.

Job posted on 8 September 2017.

Please mention Ethical Jobs while applying for this position.